Inflatable Wing Foil Boards

Inflatable Wing Foil Boards
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Boostial Wing Foil Surf Inflatable Board

Exactly as we had imagined it

Boostial Wing Foil Surf Inflatable Board


data: 11/06/2022,

We spent capital in buying inflatable boards for wing foil surfing of all kinds, none really matched what we expected; many tables derived from products designed for other types of use, many others with a commercial imprint aimed more at a general public for large numbers.

The Boostial that we thought and designed, on the other hand, was born as a racing car or motorcycle is born, refining every part to obtain the maximum result.

When we received the 2022 series, that is the first minimum batch that allowed us to have the product tested, we were thrilled by the result, which exactly met our expectations.

We are therefore convinced to be able to satisfy a large number of wingsurfers, who are waiting for an object capable of giving them the desired emotions, thus ordering the definitive Boostial that will be available from the first 10 days of July 2022,

What are the differences between the  2022 series and the upcoming series?

Technically no difference, only small aesthetic differences to refine the product that will be on the market soon.

In particular on the next Boostial series, we will have the qr code printed on the board, which will take you directly to the download page of the material, on the carbon plate for foil fixing, we will have a graphic enrichment with dimensions for setting the foil, the rear spoiler it will be slightly more connected with the board, without affecting performance as it will not touch the water at speed.

The minimum batch of the 2022 series, between production and transport, cost us really a lot, in addition to being our personal table, we decided to put on sale the few tables that were left over to us practically at the living cost of production and transport.

You can purchase a very limited number of 2022 series, pending the 2023 series in mid-July 2022, directly from our e-commerce, do not miss the opportunity !!

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