Inflatable Wing Foil Boards

Inflatable Wing Foil Boards
-- by icab srl Bozen Italy --

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Icab srl

We are an innovative start-up from South Tyrol; Our development and testing team is mostly made up of old sea wolves who are passionate about the usual - old and new - aquatic disciplines: windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, sup, water skiing, wakeboarding, wing-foil. We have extensive experience in the management of industrial companies with a strong technical and innovative connotation.

For passion in this new sport: wing-foil; for a bet more than for necessity we have decided to try our hand at this new adventure. We set out to create inflatable wing-foil boards that can be appreciated not only for their peculiarities in the water, but also for the very high quality of the materials. Boards that combine the advantages of inflatable boards with rigidity and reactivity, comparable to that of the best and most radical rigid boards on the market today.