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These general conditions of sale and delivery apply to all purchase contracts that are included with the online store.

By ordering you accept these terms and conditions relating to Warranty, Use, Shipping and Privacy described in the appropriate sections.

Please check the integrity of the package and the product immediately upon delivery, in front of the shipper


The warranty is invalidated in the non-compliance with the instructions contained in the manual downloadable from "" this page ""

In proceeding with the purchase, you declare that you have carefully read the use and maintenance manual and agree to follow the indications and clauses described there.


The warranty does not cover the following conditions / cases:


Despite the excellence of the materials used, the optimized assembly process and all the quality control procedures used during the manufacturing of our Boostials, it could still happen that a produced board could be affected by a manufacturing defect.

We ask you to send us the information relating to the defect found (the description and sharp, high-definition photos of the defective area/component) to our support email address:

support@boostialsurf.com for a preliminary assessment of the defect.

We will process your request as quickly as possible.

If necessary, we will ask you to send the defective product to us at your expense, after having packed it correctly and accurately to the following address:

ICAB srl

Via Antonio Meucci 7, I-39055 Laives (BZ), ITALY.

In this case we will make a careful assessment to assess whether the damage / defect is covered by the warranty and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

90 Liters Inflatable Wing Foil Boards
90 Liters Inflatable Wing Foil Boards
799.00€ now 620.00€

The board has arrived with all the pieces and the material f...